Qol Congress

Δρ Βιδάλης - Ψυχίατρος - Θεσσαλονίκη - Κατάθλιψη - ΆγχοςDear Medical Colleagues and Friends, On behalf of the International Society of Quality of Life & Medical Practice (ISoQoL-MD), I would like to welcome you to the World Congresses on Quality in Medical Practice, in the Northern Greece.

The present Congresses will intend to provide a podium to scientists from many medical specialities, as well as from other health professional fields.This global exchange of ideas on the latest developments in classical medical treatments will share the common goal of presenting the most recent innovative medical findings and techniques that eventually could affect to the better the quality of life of our patients.

Through its cross-speciality, medical international experts can address in an informal atmosphere, some of the important topics in the field of somatic and psychic disorders, approving the fact that health professionals have realized that quality may only be attained within the framework of a bio-psycho-social interdisciplinary approach. By keeping abreast of the latest advances we will be able to strengthen our daily effectiveness for quality in our medical work.

Thessaloniki being the second capital of Byzantine is a gorgeous city with a history of three thousand years. Located at the Northern part of Greece, it is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful and vivid cities of Greece due to her rich and fascinating cultural and professional past history as well as present status.

Once again I would like to thank you all for your valued and high quality contribution. We look forward to organizing focused discussions of the new data presented in a constructive and productive environment, so that the meeting will be scientifically rewarding and significant, as we also expect your stay to be in Greece.

Cordially yours,

A. Vidalis MD, PhD

President of the International Society of Quality of Life & Medical Practice (ISoQoL-MD)